Dead & Alive: Sacrifice NEW EDITION BOOK TWO - I.J. Smith
The book follows straight on from book 1. The remaining squad and 2 civilians need to escape the zombie infested building. Their only goal is to survive and see if there are other survivors.
This book concentrates more on the human survivers and the evil of some of them. Whilst Jack and co go searching for others,they soon come to realise that the zombies are not the only bad guys and the gang from the museum have escaped and are out for revenge, The gang have got other survivors prisioner and the evil things they are doing to them needs to be stopped, but can Jack still be a hero.
The torture scenes are written in such detail that when I read them they made me cringe, the love interest and them finding a pet dog was a nice touch and made the team more humanized. However I am still in shock by the ending and all I can say is no!!!!!!. Although I do hope that it is just another twist in the story and that we will all be cheering at the beginning of book 3