Dark World: The Surface Girl - Kell Frillman
Set in 2078, humans now live underground after an invasion by Aliens. Ruby is a curious 16 year old girl who after being brought up on her grandad’s stories of earth, is starting to question the way they live. Not happy that at 16 she is to meet the boy that she has to spend the rest of her life with and her role is just to breed. Reese has been her friend since starting school and although she knows it is wrong starts having feelings for him. Finding a set of unused tunnels she finds a young girl that has come from the top. This moment is the start of an adventure where she learns to face her fears and starts to grow in a brave and strong woman especially when she knows that her parents are in trouble.
The author’s descriptive writing makes the book flow with ease and you could imagine the world would ending up like that in the future . Throughout the book you see Ruby developing into a strong girl who will put her life at risk to help others. Adding suspense and action it was a quick read.
I cannot wait to find out what happens next and will Ruby and Reese may a go of it.