Rogue Agent - Kellie Wallace
Set in the future, the main character Seth is a hitman, working for an organisation that took out criminals, murderers, the scum of the world. He worked for the organisation for over 10 years but after his last hit, he started to get a conscious. He wanted more, to get his girlfriend off Clandestine, the drug of choice, and to retire to Turkey.
Terra Bloom is the daughter of the last man Seth killed, she started to make connections with the amount of unsolved deaths. As an activist she is used to making noises but when Seth’s bosses started getting worried, they wanted him to kill her, but he couldn’t do it and together they go on the run.
You cannot place this book into one genre category, and the mixture of genres made it a good read. The characters developed with every page you read and it was interested to read how Seth and Terra’s relationship grew whilst they were on the run. The action started from page one and made it a good page turner and fast read.
There was only one section (when he went back in time) that I couldn’t get my head round, but this did not spoil the book at all. I am definitely going to read more from Kelli Wallace