A Mathematical State of Grace Omnibus: Book 1: Fragment & Book 2: Finale: Fusion - Cathy McGough
This book is about Grace, a 16 year old maths genius. After a freak accident she end up unconscious and creates an alternative world with the only living beings are her and her schoolboy crush Vincente. The first part of this book concentrates on the alternative world and will take on you on a journey through friendship, love and trust. The second part of the book is around her time in hospital.
Although I found it a bit slow to start, the story did keep my interest and there were times in the book that I didn’t want to stop reading but had to, due to real life. The characters at the start of the book were your typical geek and jock but as the story progressed they break all their stereotypes. The ending of the book was a nice twist and left you doubting yourself.
You will not be able to place this book in any one genre. This story has a touch of horror, suspense and at times a dystopian element.
This book is a well written story and I really enjoyed reading it, I will look out for more of this author