Blood War: Blood Books Trilogy Box Set - Danielle  Rose
I love reading about Vampires and I love reading about witches so what could be better than a book or in this case 3 books about both.
Book 1: Avah is a young witch who is about to given The Power, which will enable her to be a far greater vampire hunter. She comes across a group of vampires and feels a connection with one of the Jasik the leader of a group of hunters, Malik is Jasik’s brother, Lillie and Jeramiah. Each one has a different power, their mission is to track down and kill rogue vampires. She doesn’t realise what an impact he has on her life until whilst she is receiving her gift, a rogue vampire attacks her coven and as she is dying calls out to Jasik to save her. Going against vampire law he turns her into a vampire. This causes her to get thrown out of the coven and to start living her life as a vampire.
Jasik has fallen in love with her but she has to fight the prejudice of the other members of his group whilst adapting to vampire life and learning to control her magic. Slowly members of his group come to accept her and she finally feels part of a family. There is a great fight between Rogues and Vampires which results in their leader Amicia disappearing.
Book 2: Following straight on after the battle a new character is introduced. Sebastian is a hybrid: half witch and half vampire. His appearance at first is very suspicious and you do not know the reason for him being there, but throughout the book he helps Avah understand and control her new powers and even helps them search for Amicia. They must return to Avah’s coven to do a spell, where she does not get a warm welcome. Trying to save Avah’s life Sebastian kills Avah’s grandmother and turns her into a vampire. Big mistake. They have to battle more Rogues and to add to Avah’s concerns Sebastian introduces her to a large coven of Hybrids and Avah soon realises that there has been some dodgy dealing in the witching community.
Throughout Jasik and Avah’s love grow for each other but Jasik realises he cannot give her everything she wants, Avah has to really work at getting the relationship she wants.
Book 3: This book was full of action and you will not want to put this book down. You even get to see Avah’s diplomatic skills. Travelling to London and Russia, she comes to understand her powers and whilst her visions are troubling her she realises she must tap into The Power to save everyone, a decision that does not go down to well. Jasik and Avah’s relationship is even stronger and Malik also has a love interest.
This is a brilliant trilogy and was a page turner from page one. Full of twist and kept you guessing to the end. You see the characters develop whilst you are reading these books and whilst Avah started as a naive young witch, she grows in to a strong women who people grow to love. Sebastian is just like your younger annoying brother and even though you don’t want to you, you will have a soft spot for him. Jasik and Malik are the two guys you will drool over, brothers and English as well what is not to like. Malik is your tall strong brooding type, Jasik the one who wears his heart on his sleeve. The way the author has written these books you can feel the love between them all and you can sense that they are part of a family without being told. The relationship between Avah and Jasik is perfect and fits in with the whole story. All three books are full of action and you will not want to put them down making them a quick read. This series could carry on with what happen next or I would like to know the story behind the English brothers