United (The United Trilogy Book 1) - Jaci Wheeler
This book in set in the future after the USA was in turmoil. A group of idealist got together to form a better life and United America was born. At sixteen each child had to choose what path they wanted to follow, either University or Labour. Once decided they were put into the job that they Ministry thought what was best. The story is about Roz who at 16 is announced as the next President. Taking on this role at a young age she has a lot of prejudice to overcome and a lot to learn but she doesn’t have to do this alone, she has her best friends Wes and Molly with her. Wes has been her best friend since birth is autistic has some amazing qualities and ideas. Molly her friend from school is her go-to girl and will get things done. Roz from the start of her new career starts making changes for what she see for the better and slowly is making a lot of fans. The three of them together make a powerful team.
Whilst Roz is making the changes to the country she never forget the teams of people who work for her and shows more compassion than most 16 year old girls would do. She never forgets the importance of family. What she does not like is being left in the dark and near the end of the book she finds out something that could throw United into turmoil, but how she handles it you have to read the next book. Roz is fun, determined, and overall caring and she will capture your heart. You will identify with all the characters, and as a mom of a 16 year daughter I would not know how she would run the country.
There are some great comedy moments in this book especially between Roz and Wes, as an Aunt to an autistic boy, I see so many of the same traits in Wes as I do my nephew. The author has wrote a book that kept my interest from the start and the story is unique, at the start there is a divergent feel when they choose their path but that is where the similarities stop. This is the first book I have read that was written by this author and it will not be the last. In fact I have downloaded the second book in this series as I don’t want Roz’s adventure to end.