House of the Lost Girls - Carissa Ann Lynch
This town just keeps getting darker

Book 2 of the Flocksdale Files and a new set of victims.
Marieanne is not happy that she has to leave her friends and school in Ohio, when her stepfather gets a new job in Flocksdale. On their way to her new home which her stepfather inherited of his aunt, she notices how dark and depressing the new town is.
After coming across a book that describes her house as the house of horrors, written by Wendi Wise, she learns all about what went on in that house.
After a girl she has just be friended is found murdered, she goes and talks to Wendi hoping she can explain what has happened.
With her mom missing, 2 boys wanting her attention, a mental asylum and more relatives of the Garretts. Marianne is drawn into the dark seedy world of Flocksdale.
I thought the first book was good, but book 2 surpassed it. The story was well written and found it to be a quick read as it kept my interest from the beginning. The plot was brilliant and I was surprised when the murderers was revealed.
Marieanne is another strong female character and the involvement of Wendi Wise was genius help merge the 2 books together.
I cannot wait to read book 3 to see what else can happen in this evil town.