Infinity - Allaina Daniels
Gabriel is Fae who can turn into animals, he is used to living by himself and nearing 190 years old did not think he would meet his soul mate.
Carmen is a strong women and talented animal trainer, who does not let anything get in her way. She is not afraid to speak her mind and does not care who she upsets in the process. With the help of her best friend Lizzy from foster care she runs a successful animal training business. What no one knows is that Carmen can talk to animals.
On one business trip to sort out an owner's dog, Carmen's infinity birthmark starts to hurt, what she does not realise is that Gabriel's exact same birthmark is hurting as well. Gabriel knows that this is a sign that his soulmate has been found and he now has to find and bond with her.
From the start Gabriel has difficulties, due to Carmen's past she shuns him and will not let him get close. A bigger problem is that Carmen does not know she is Fae and that she will gain her powers on her birthday.
Slowly Gabriel gains Carmen's trust and with the help of his family, shows her what love is and helps her overcome her problems.
Although a slow start this develops into a good read. It has everything, magic intrigue, sex and humour and kept my interest to the end.
This is a story about love, patience and perseverance. You will fall in love with the characters and with Gabriel having a large family there is scope to have many spin off stories. I for one would like to read more about Riley
This is the 1st in the series and I cannot wait to read Unbound.