Imperfect (Blaze of Glory Book 1) - Cherry Shephard, Hot Tree Editing, Sara Eirew
When I started this book, I thought another story about a damaged man who meets a woman escaping domestic violence, but how wrong I was. Stone suffers from PTSD due to his time in Afghanistan. We first meet him getting drunk in Saddles the local bar, he realise on alcohol to stem the flashback, after getting into a bar fight he comes round to find a woman holding a knife. Meet Shannon, owner of the bar which she inherited after her father died. Getting left this bar, gave her the means to escape an abusive relationship.
Both characters are stubborn and whilst they are trying to help each other, they are also trying to be independent. Thrown into the mix is Stones 14 year old son who he didn’t know about and his wife who is dying of cancer.
This book is more than a love story, the author throws a couple of twist into the book and this keeps your interest. Stone’s story was written with an understanding of PTSD and the telling of the flashbacks help you realise what Stone went through.
I enjoyed this book but would have liked to know more about Shannon’s struggle when she escaped her ex.