Best Man For The Job (The Men of Fear Incorporated Book 1) - Melinda Valentine
Max is an ex- cop who dreams of starting up his own security business, drop dead gorgeous, he is happy to play the field and not commit to one woman. Sloane is dating one of his cop friends, and although she is pretty and has a successful job, she is not happy in her life. From the moment they met there were sparks but neither wanted to pursue it. Until one day at work Sloane walks in on her boss as he is being murdered. Fearing for her life and with her boyfriend AWOL she knows of only one person who can help.
This is more romance than suspense, but that being said the story followed smoothly making it a quick read. From their first meeting you can feel their attraction to each other and this was due to how the author wrote the story. The sex scenes in the book were not over the top. My only problem was it did leave me with some unanswered questions- Why was Max wary of having a serious relationship and what had Sloaneā€™s boss done to get himself murdered.
For the authors first book it is a good start to the series