Human Ouija - L. Bachman
I was lucky to win this book from the author.
We meet Oscar grieving at his wife's grave. Although it had been 6 months the grief is still raw. On one particular visit he meets a woman and out of curiosity starts up a conversation. It turns out that she is part of a small gypsy family. After getting invited to visit her family, he finds out that all the women are psychic, which piques his interest in the supernatural.
The way this book is written, you really feel for Oscar and can understand why he seeks ways of contacting his deceased wife. From the moment he meets the gypsies, you know something is going happen, but don't know when. This style of writing makes this book hard to put down and because this is a short story you can read this in one sitting.
One thing I do know is that I have never used a ouija board and after reading this book I will definitely not.