Along Came a Wolf - Adam Dreece
Steampunk meets Fairytales

Meet Tee, Elly and Richy, best friends and members of the Yellow Hoods. The name comes from the yellow cloaks they wear that hide a few surprises. Thanks to Tee's grandad Nikolas a famous eccentric inventor, the three have fun trying out his inventions including spark sticks, sail carts and an amazing treehouse. Nikolas reminds me of Caracticus Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Enter the baddie LeLoup ( French for wolf) who is tasked to steal the steam engine plans from Nikolas. Although at the start you don't realise this as he gets held up by 3 brothers Squeals, Bore and Bakon the Cochon brothers (French for pig) you think that the 3 brothers are the bad ones. Tee steps in and rescues LeLoup from their clutches. He quickly forgets is whilst he tries and completes the mission.
Through out this book you really feel the love that Tee has for her family and friends and the love they felt for her.
Whilst reading it, I found myself guessing the fairy tales and with the splash of Steam punk kept bit interesting. This book is written for young and old alike, the fun titled chapters helps keep you amused. The book kept my interest from start to finish and although not a long book, it was jam packed with action and fun
WARNING. You may find yourself laughing out loud as there are some funny lines. One instant was when Bakon and Eg the Captains daughter started dating.
A good start to the series, now I just have to buy part 2 to see what happens now the Hound is after the Yellow Hoods