Vampire Dating Agency - Rosette Bolter
Haley is a cop working for the paranormal police, on her 1st day out of the Academy, she is sent undercover to investigate a serial killer. All the murdered women had one thing in common; they all joined the Vampire Dating Agency.
This book was ok, but it did not capture my imagination. Some of the plot was unrealistic, like why a young rookie would go undercover in a really important case, the vampires found a knife in a member’s handbag but they didn’t not find her camera and ear piece. The story was really slow and the only thing that kept my interest was who the serial killer was? Hayley’s back-up team were annoying due to their constant bickering and Hayley did not feel like the main character. In fact the only character I could feel any connection to was Brock who was a recently turned young vampire. The book finishes on a cliff-hanger and I will get the 2nd book just to find out who the serial killer is.