A Friend in Need - Les Lynam, Tim Hemlin, Chess Desalls
This short story is a great introduction to the books written by the 3 authors that collaborated on it.
LX and Jane characters is Les Lynam’s books are travelling through time and space when there is a malfunction, sending them to the Wasteland the setting of Tim Hemlin’s book, here me characters from his book, Bear and Si-Ting. Knowing that they want to get back to their own time Si-Ling takes them to meet Calla and Valcas, two other time travellers who are also stuck in the Wasteland who have a very strange way of time travelling thanks to a pair of glasses. This part of the story was written by Chess Desalls.
This is the first time I have read a book where 3 authors have used their own characters in a story, and I thought it was a brilliant idea. I am definitely going to read all three author’s books just so I can get to know the characters more. Although I did think that LX reminded me of a certain Dr that liked to time travel and there was a comedy element in the way he communicated.
If you have a spare 20 minutes then read this book. I am now off to read the rest of the books written by these authors