The Dragon Dreamer - J.S. Burke
Arak is a dragon who is very good at trance-minding this has caused him to get teased on a regular basis so to try and prove himself; he goes on the search for copper, the staple diet for dragons. Due to their supply running low, dragons are becoming ill. On his 1st mission he crash lands injury himself. Scree is an octopus who is the healer of her clan. Using sign language Scree fixes Arak and it’s the start of a great friendship, involving both their groups and they begin to trade with each other.
What starts off a simple trading becomes so much more, the octopi help them with their search for copper. Working together they find new forms of transport so they can travel further afield and even start up a friendship with a squid, the monster of the sea.
This is a book of fiction, but as the author is a marine biologist you learn so much about the creatures of the sea. You get drawn into this book as you go on their adventures. This book is for readers old and young, if you are a dragon lover or interested in reading about sea life then this is the book for you. The only complaint I had is that I wished I had younger children as I would have loved to read this to them as their bedtime story.