OLD MEN DON'T CRY - Tim I. Gurung
This is a sad story about the life of Chan Hong, even from an early age he struggled through life. After being deserted by his parents, he realised that he had to fend for himself and although was a pleasant child he found it difficult to make friends. This book follows him throughout his life, the friends he made, his life in the police force and all the way to his death.
At the beginning of each chapter was a brief history of Hong Kong, I found this confusing with the story as the dates wrote about did not match up with the years that the story was written about and I must admit skipping the history to carry on with the story.
The story itself was written well and you did have empathy with the main character, as a parent I could not even think of doing that to my child.
If you like memoires and history then this book is for you