Hellborne (The ARC Chronicles, #2) - Matthew W. Harrill

Following on from Hellbounce, a heavily pregnant Eva marries Madden. However the celebrations don't last long when they don't just have to battle demons, avoiding Eva's ex husband Brian but also a cult that thinks that Eva's unborn child is the saviour of the world.
Trying to keep under everyone's radar Eva can only trust Madden and her 2 close friends from ARC. What none of them realise until it is too late but there is corruption within the ARC organisation.
The action in this book is non stop which makes it a good read. The scene when she goes back to her old house gave me goosebumps. I liked the way how the author added gentle reminders to happenings in the first book and it added to the story.
The places visited were again well researched and throughout you felt that you were there. The battle scene at the end was intense.
One warning it does end on a cliffhanger but the good news is that book 3 is already out and I cannot wait to see what happens to Eva, Madden and baby Nina.