Las Vegas Sidewinders: Dominic (Las Vegas Sidewinders, #1) - Kat Mizera
Dominic is an ice hockey star with a temper on the ice. After one nasty incident, he has to start again in a new team in Nevada.
Molly is the wife of a violent LA police officer. Whilst getting beat up by him in a car park,Dominic and his friend come to her rescue. Dominic knows that he must help her and with the help of his ice hockey friends shows Molly what true love and friendship really means. What he didn't expect was by helping her he was also helping himself come to terms with grief. Molly for the first time feels safe and with the help of her new friends finally starts to fight for her freedom.
This was a new author to me and I really enjoyed reading this book. The story had everything you need and with the detailed back stories really made it a good book to read. Domestic violence is a difficult topic, but was necessary to the story. I will definitely carry on reading this series and I want to know what how their relationship develops