George: The Long Road Home - Scarlet Le Clair
As soon as you start this book there are tears in your eyes, go back 1 month and this book tells the story of George who is trying to get back to his family after going out to get provisions after the zombie apocalypse. Whilst he is raiding a shop, he ends up being taken in by a group of survivors. So not to alert the leader of his family, he joins the group making some close friends.
Written in George’s POV, and the descriptive way of writing, you can imagine that you are there seeing and feeling what George goes through. Deacon is your typical bad guy, abusing his position and he is definitely one you will despise. Although George was trying to get home, he still managed to make 2 close friends Will and Nia and their relationship kept George grounded as although he wanted to get back he also had to protect them. Again at the end of the book tissues are needed and the story with Kelly (his wife) and their children is heart-breaking. I spent 5 minutes after I finished this book thinking would I do the same or would I try and fight.
Yes this book is about a zombie apocalypse, but it is so much. It’s a story about how one father fights to get home to the people he loves , yes he had to do things that he would never had done before but he always kept his humanity. I would like a further book to see how George and Kelly’s relationship progress. Well written and worth reading