Cast in Blood - Christine  Sutton, Lisa Lane, Jaime Johnesee, Leigh M. Lane

What do you get when you partner a shifter, a succubus and a demon who is 2nd in command of Hell. You get a group of kick ass women.
Lenny is a shifter, her talent is to morph into any person or animal she wishes. Whilst living on the streets, she ends up at The Children of Light a cult that to the outside world is a refuge for the homeless. After finding a dead body, she realises that something is not right and after meeting Polly decides to track down the djinn who have escaped from hell and to get to the truth about their leader who thinks he is the new Messiah.
Drew is a succubus who to satisfy her needs is a prostitute. After a chance meeting with a member of the cult, she gets invited to the church, using her demonic powers she knows something is not right. After her pimp who was a banished demon is murdered she also joins with Polly.
Drew and Lenny go undercover to infiltrate the cult to help Polly. Although they start off trying to get to the bottom of how the djinn escaped, they soon realise that there is a bigger plan. Souls are not making it to Heaven or Hell and the bosses are getting weaker. They need to report their findings to Lucy, yes short for Lucifer.
Its is refreshing to read a book about three strong women and throughout the book you get to know more about the characters, the history of both their parents and their past life. This helps you understand their actions and adds depth to the story.
The book tells the story of The Children of Light in a America and once their mission is complete they travel to France, which leads into the second book.
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