Thou Shalt Not - Alex Davis, Jeff Gardiner, Jacey Bedford, Amanda Bigler, Clare Littleford, Stuart Young, Laura Mauro, Danuta Reah, Pat Kelleher, Mark West, Jasper Kent
Thou Shalt Not edited by Alex Davis
Published by Scarier 51 (Tickety Boo Press) on 1st April 2016
151 pages
We have all grown up with the Ten Commandments, but this book puts a spin on each of the commandments. Each story is about one of the ten commandments, and the ten authors who wrote the stories all have their own style and take on the commandments. This book was a quick read and it was great to read so many different authors, and I will be looking out for any more of their work. If you like horror, or stories with a twist than this is a book for you. You will find a story you will like and if like me you will have your favourites. I have decided to review my favourite 2
Dionysus by Jeff Gardiner.
He took the commandment; Thou shalt not have no God before me and put his own twist on the story. If you have teenagers than you know how fixated they can get with a Rock or Pop star. The author uses this as the basis of his story. It follows 2 characters Ben and Emma whose idol is Dionysus a Rock star who everyone falls in love with. As you read this story, you get drawn in to how their lives revolve round the star and the ending was a totally surprise
My other favourite was: The Dummies’ Guide to Serial Killing by Danuta Reah, who wrote about Thou Shalt not Kill. The story was about a young man who wanted to become a serial killer. He stumbles across a chat room where he could discuss his passion. I loved the way that the story was based around the chat room and concentrated on one main conversation between the young man and another chat room user and you are following him whilst he is planning his first murder, but there is an unexpected ending.