A Spark of Magic (Chosen Saga, #1) - J.L. Clayton
I was lucky to be given this book by the Author.
Charlie is your typical teenage girl who through no fault of her own move homes a lot. Her parents never explain to her why they move, they just pack up and leave.
She expected this move to be no different, but what she didn't expect was being involved in a love triangle with two of the hottest boys in school. Jace a family friend's son and Tru, the son of a Cherokee shopkeeper who she met on her first day in town.
Not only has Charlie got to deal with her feelings for them both, she is also being stalked by an unknown force. Enter Crispin, a powerful sorcerer, also known as a traveller. Why he is infatuated with her we don't really know.
Throughout this book there is a paranormal undertone building up to something bigger. The way the book is written keeps you enthralled and you will want to carry on reading to find out what happens next. Whilst reading this book you will find yourself taking one of the boys sides. Me I was team Tru.
This book has everything and you will have some unanswered questions. To solve this you will just have to read book 2.