Broken in Pieces (Wounded Hearts #1) - Sierra Rayne
This was my first stepbrother romance and I didn't know what to expect.
Sheridan was a typical girl whose life on her 21st birthday was turned upside down, when she was raped by a family friend. Not to bring shame to the family, her mom packed her off to New York. So not to be beholding on her family's money she gets herself a job and with the help of her love of music she tries to start healing hersel. That's when Blade walks into her life.
Blade is a wealthy business man who owns the company that Sheridan starts working for. The first time he sees her, he knows that he is attracts to her. The feeling is mutual but Sheridan thinks she is still damaged goods. Blade slowly gains her trust and they fall in love, but then it is revealed that they are step-siblings. With even more secrets to come, will this relationship last.
Through out the book I thought how much more could happen to Sheridan and I was really drawn to her. The back story with Blade was told in a different format and really fitted in well. Yes there is a lot of sex but this is part of the story and does not detract from a well written story. This book has everything love, betrayal and action and I for one will definitely buy the next one in the series.