SNAP - Tara Dawn
Hazel is a strong independent girl who trying to be nice goes on one more date with Phil. Phil is one sick individual and with the help of drugs his fetishes get worse. After slipping drugs into Hazel’s drink, Hazel feels the brunt of his fetishes.
Trying to forget what she went through Hazel throws herself into her job, not telling anyone including her best friend Cady. To make matters worse Phil decides that now he was going to stalk her, until one time he gets physical and a handsome stranger Cash steps in to help her.
Whether she was at work or partying with her friends she was never far away from the drug scene, although she was not interested she couldn’t stop her friends take it, especially the new recreational drug on the market called Snap. But something is going on with the supply in town and people are dying. Could Cash tell Hazel the real reason he was there.
This book is for an 18+ audience and if you get shocked easily than this is not the book for you. This book is about topics you hear about every day when you turn on the news. Rape and drugs, both subjects difficult to write about. That been said this book was written with such skill, it was hard to put down. You could feel the suspense throughout the book which made it a quick read, although I couldn’t put it down and read until the early hours of the morning.
The book end on the biggest cliff-hanger I have ever read but a brilliant idea from the author lets you breath more easily as she posts a sneak preview of the next book