Delicate Things - Yolanda Olson
OMG what can I say about this book. As you start to read this book you are lulled to think that this is a regular love story between Holly and Bates. Oh how wrong you will be. Bates is an artist who uses very unusual material for his creations, Holly has been bullied throughout her life and although she tries to think she is strong, she uses Bates as a crutch and relies on him all the time, as you read this book you find out that they have a very unusual relationship. I am not going to say any more about the book as I do not want to spoil it.
This book is dark and if you have a sensitive nature then do not read it. Me I loved it, the author threw so many twists that I kept reading it just to see what happened next, making this a quick read. She explains the characters in depth, helping you understand their relationship and what makes them tick. The author kept the biggest surprise to the end and what a shocker, I spent 5 minutes after finishing it with my mouth wide open in shock. Let’s just say I was not expecting that.
Great read and I will definitely read more from her