Arena 1 (Book #1 in the Survival Trilogy) - Morgan Rice
Set in a dystopian New York, it follows the lives of Brooke and her younger sister Bree as they try and survive after war destroyed their country. They also had to avoid slave runners who captured people to fight like gladiators in arenas, the worse one being Arena 1. Whilst Brooke is searching for a food a sick Bree is captured by the slave runners forcing Brooke to go and rescue her. Whilst racing after her she meets a Ben who’s younger brother was captured and together they go into the lion’s den and to try and rescue them.
Brooke is a marine’s daughter and this makes her a strong girl but with everything her body goes through to try and rescue her sister is unbelievable and I kept wondering how much more her body could take. Ben was quite a weak companion but as the story progressed he did become into his own and showed some fighting spirit.
The story was enjoyable and will carry on with the series to see what happens to the trio