Dying Thoughts - First Touch - Joey Paul
The story is about Tara a teenage girl with a famous dad and a psychic power, by touching a person’s belongings it lets her see the person’s death. As she classes this as problems she shies away from people, not making friends at school as she doesn’t want them to think she is weird or be her friend just because her dad was a famous singer. This was until she met Kaolin who had moved to the school after her dad had died. When Tara touches Kaolin’s necklace she see how he dies. From that moment she learns how to be a real friend. Added to this she has to research her family for a school project and finds more about her mom and the secrets her dad had kept from her.
This is an easy read and is ideal for both teenagers and adults. The pace of the story is perfect and I found it a quick read. I was interesting to find out more about Tara’s mom and as a parent I could understand why Tara’s dad kept the secrets of her mom’s death and power, He was just doing it to protect Tara. Yes you knew that Tara was going to investigate Kaolin’s dad death but the way it was done was not what I expected. I enjoyed that throughout the book Tara character developed and that she started caring for others and began loving herself and embracing her power. A great ending and I am definitely adding the rest of the series to my TBR list.