Have You Seen This Girl (Flocksdale Files Book 1) - Carissa Ann Lynch
Brilliant read

The prologue introduces us to a young girl about to take her last fix of heroin before she enters rehab yet again.
Go back 8 years and you get to know Wendi Wise a typical 13 year old who with her best friend Claire trick her mom so she can meet 2 boys. But what she did not plan on was being kidnapped and taken to what she named the " house of horrors" and being forced into a life of sex and drugs.
Then one day she was just she was just let free, addicted to drugs. With the threat of death if she told, Wendi does the only thing and runs. Whilst trying to live she is planning her revenge on the people that did this to her. These events make Wendi a stronger person.
Written in Wendi's POV this book kept me gripped from start to finish and as a mom with a teenager daughter my heart went out to Wendi and I willed her to survive. This book tackles drugs and child trafficking, both harrowing subjects, but necessary to the story.
This book is is ideal for older teenagers and adults alike and the good news is this is the 1st book in the series