Devourer of Souls - Kevin Lucia, Aaron Dries
Devourer of Souls

The book consists of two stories Sophan and The Man in Yellow
Sophan is told in the format of a journal that was written by a man who seems to have disappeared. The writer was one of the boys and tells the story of him and his friends, one summer break, an ancient Oriental game and a how a local boy went missing. At the start of the story it feels like a regular story of friendship but after they talk to an old Vietnamese man about an ancient game, it starts to get creepy. Whilst the story explains the older mystery it is left for you to wonder what happened to writer of the journal.
The second story The Man in Yellow is narrated by Father Ward after a crippled man confesses to him about what really happened in a nearby ghost town. The man in yellow is the nickname given to a travelling preacher, who turns up at the local church. He states that with faith he could heal the inflicted but at what cost. The ending to this book had a brilliant twist.
One question that was left unanswered and I would be curious to know is what the sheriff and priest do with this information.
I read this book in one sitting as both stories got me gripped and I didn't want to put it down. The book is great for your imagination as there are parts that will make you jump and are quite disturbing .
This is the first book I have read by this author and it will not be the last. If you like books that let your imagination go wild then this book is for you.