Maddox Files: Back to Business - R.J. Davies Mornix
Dice Maddox is stuck in a dead end job and her relationship is going the same way. After finding out that her fiancé has cheated on her for the second time, she decides to throw him out, resign from her job and decides to go back to being a private detective, the only job she loved.
She only just opened for business when she gets her first client. Ryan Winters is a man who after a car crash finds himself married. After investigation all sources she realises that this is not your usual case and needs help from Ty who is a paranormal investigator, who has helped her Uncle before. Dice soon finds out that the woman is not of this world.
The story follows Dice’s emotional journey as she re-discovers herself and learns to be independent. It is a good start to the series, and I will like to read more about Dice Maddox.
This is a thriller mystery with a twist and a good read.