Damaged - Troy McCombs
This book is about Adam, a 16 year old lad, who suffered years of bullying at school. Two major events in his life cause him to crack and he starts to commit murders. Adam didn’t just decide to just kill the bullies; no he decided to torture them. The torture scenes were well written and when I was reading them I found myself cringing and reading through one eye, but this made the story, just through those scenes you could tell how much hurt he suffered every day at school.
Previous reviews mentioned grammatical errors, but to be honest I never noticed this was probably due to being a great story. It kept me interested throughout the whole book and yes he was a murderer but I felt sorry for him, and I wished that he could tell his mom.
I had never heard of this author and am glad that I got this book. I am now off to see what other books he has written